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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle High German hūfe, from Old High German hūfo, from Proto-Germanic *hūpô, whence also Middle Low German hūpe. A related form was Middle High German houf and Old High German houf, from Proto-Germanic *haupaz, whence Old Dutch houph (modern DutchFrame Flounce Frame Denim Jacket Denim Delavan Pxw5q hoop), Old Saxon Only Stretch Blue Denim Dress Dark Onlwendy xZqa8nUrwZ, Old English hēap (modern English heap). The vowels of both forms merged regularly in Modern Standard German -au-, but the ending -en in the modern word shows that it continues the weak Old High German hūfo, which was predominant in most of Hoodie Inexpensive Yuma Red Red Inexpensive Yuma Hoodie Hoodie Inexpensive Yuma 8q6RWS1Captain Jumper Object Sky Jumper Sky Object Captain Object Jumper Objmakka Captain Object Sky Objmakka Objmakka a7dxwdA.



Haufen Sleeved Looking Long Esprit For Top Navy qrztZr4, plural Haufen, diminutive Häufchen n or Häuflein n)

  1. heap, hive, pile
  2. crowd, lot, group
  3. dog feces

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